Several Gov. Juniors Denied Credit Tutorial

A number of juniors have been refused credit tutorial by the Government department this year, even though they have met its formal requirements. The Department is apparently suffering a shortage in personnel.

The shortage, which has become increasingly acute over the past few years, has forced the Department to reject the flat qualification for junior tutorial--as stated in its regulations--of a C--or better in sophomore tutorial according to Sanford A. Lakoff, Senior Tutor. Under a new system of comparative evaluation, about 10 students missed out in the competition for tutors this Fall, Lakoff estimated.

Lakoff said that, in effect, the minimum sophomore grade, which includes a tutor's report, is a B or better. A special Department vote, however, can permit the Senior Tutor to apply more flexible standards.

A C evaluation in sophomore tutorial, Lakoff added, indicated to him that a student had not worked and would not benefit from the independent study of a credit tutorial.

Departs from Report

The squeeze on the size of the tutorial program and the high standards for admission mark a departure from official faculty policy, as expressed in the 1961 Gill Report, that credit tutorial and thesis writing should be permited to all those willing to do the work.

A regulation that a student must apply for junior tutorial in the Spring of his sophomore year is another outcome of the personnel shortage, Lakoff said, since the Department must make careful plans over the summer to accomodate those qualified.

Lakoff said, however, that all those who deserved tutorial have been assigned tutors.