City Will Not Grill Watson On Parietals

The Cambridge City Council yesterday defeated an order that would have dragged Dean Watson and the College's parietals controversy before the Council next Monday.

The motion was introduced by City Councillor Alfred E. Vellucci who explained that "It would be for the good of Cambridge if we heard from Dean Watson about these requests for extra hours on weekends . . . about having girls in the rooms . . . and on dates in the dining rooms."

Vellucci promised that "I intend to ask him a lot of embarrassing questions--that's for sure."

He also claimed that Harvard students living off-campus were responsible for weekend disturbances "in the late hours of the evening or the early hours of the morning." He said that three recent disturbances had been checked out and that in each case University students were responsible.

Vellucci also charged that University officials and the CRIMSON were too quick to blame Cambridge youths for incidents in the Harvard Square area.

"Whenever anything happens in Harvard Square, the pattern seems to be to blame it on Cambridge youth," he said, adding that neither University officials nor the CRIMSON really know whether the responsible persons were University youths or Cambridge youth. "I'm only interested in protecting the name of our youth," Vellucci maintained.

Only two of the other eight councillors--Daniel J. Hayes and Walter J. Sullivan--supported Vellucci's motion, however, and it failed to receive the necessary majority of five votes.