Prankster Wins Medal at M.I.T. In Mat Tourney

A dissembling Harvard junior got in a fight with four M.I.T students last weekend and won a medal for his efforts. Then he got in a fight with M.I.T. and lost it.

The Harvard man was Ralph H. Kaden '64-3, the occasion was the annual M.I.T. intramural wrestling tournament, and the medal was the first-place award in the 137-lb. class.

Kaden, once a candidate for the Crimson freshman wrestling team, entered the M.I.T. contest at the suggestion of a friend at the engineering school. The pair registered Kaden as an off-campus student and, once on the mat, Kaden dismembered four M.I.T. grapplers in succession to win the medal.

He was scurrying home with his prize when sportswriters from the M.I.T. student newspaper began pressing him for an interview. Tournament officials caught wind of the spoof anyway when a Harvard spectator revealed Kaden's identity soon after the final match.

Two days ago the officials telephoned Kaden and, reminding him of the precarious position of his M.I.T. co-prankster, demanded the return of the medal. Like Jim Thorpe, Ralph Kaden acquiesced.