Students From Colombia Will Study At Harvard, 34 Other U.S. Schools

Harvard has joined 35 other universities in a program to bring Colombian students to study in the United States, William F. Barnes, director of the office of Inter-American studies said last night.

The students will be given four year scholarships to the American schools. One of them will enter the Harvard freshman class in each of the next four years. Barnes said that the project was still in the "experimental stage" and may be expanded if it proves successful.

David D. Henry, director of the Harvard international Office, was the primary American organizer of the project. The program is similar to the one which Henry developed to bring African students to study at Harvard.

The Institute for Technical Education Abroad in Colombia is selecting the students and handling arrangements in Colombia.

Barnes also said last night that a three-year-old program which each year allows five or six Harvard and Radcliffe junior to study in Latin America over the summer will be continued this year.

The program, which is made possible through a gift to the University by John M. Cabot '23, gives the juniors all-expense-paid fellowships to the south American countries to enable them to do research for senior theses.

Barnes said that his office plans to select the recipients for this year's grants by the end of January. Any student writing a thesis related to Latin America is eligible.