Fencing Team Faces Alumni

Most of the winter sports teams haven't opened their seasons yet, but the varsity fencing team has meets both tomorrow and Thursday.

Tomorrow's meet, in the IAB at 7 p.m., finds the team opposing an alumni-Faculty squad. On Thursday the fencers will meet Holy Cross, also in the IAB, at 3 p.m.

The alumni meet won't count on Harvard's season record, but it may well turn but to be the tougher of the two. The alumni Faculty squad includes three former captains and fencers from classes going all the way back to 1952.

The three former captains, all of who, will fence in the foils division, are Eric Sollee '52, Steve Schnelder '56, and Larry Johnson '61.

Louis Heder and Jay Yuh will fence sabre for the alumni and Jim Roberts and Steve Chalmers will handle the epee.

For the varsity Dave Dooley, Tom Musliner, and Rich Kolombatovich will fence foils; Jon Kolb, Bob Damus, Dave Redmond, and Dan Morris, sabre; and Kent Britten, Jerry Keller, Bill Neaves, and Paul Mundie, epee.