Kubacki Spearheads Harvard Squad Against Mighty Bulldog J.V. Eleven

A powerful Yale junior varsity football team, stung by its first loss of the season last week, meets the Harvard J.V.'s today at 2 p.m. Despite the Yalies' record, circumstances may yet save the Crimson from what bookies would call almost certain defeat.

Pete Donerty, the first of Yale's brace of alternating quarterbacks, is injured and probably won't play. Watts Humphrey, who ordinarily shares the duties with Doherty, will be on his own. Also, Larry Jones, the Elis' star linebacker, may be held in reserve for the varsity game.

But despite the injury to Doherty, Yale's backfield retains a good deal of punch with a pair of halfbacks, Bob Bartlett and Chris Kule. Bartlett is the team's leading ground gainer, and Kule has reportedly been singled out by Yale coach John Pont as a prime varsity prospect.

The Harvard J.V.'s despite a drab 4-3 record, defeated Princeton 7-3, and the Tigers were the team that halted Yale's seven-game winning streak with a 7-6 setback. The Crimson defense has been consistent, if not spectacular, and has yet to give up more than 18 points in a single game.

Quarterback Ray Kubacki, a passer and exponent of the bootleg, play, directs the Harvard offense. He uses the running of fullback Matt Donlin, the team's leading rusher, to set up his rollouts and passes.

An acute shortage of tackles appears to be the Crimson's chief problem. Injuries have so depleted the Harvard line that center Ernie Marden was in at tackle and kicking specialist Jim Babcock at end in last week's 14-13 loss to Boston University.