Rejuvenated Bullpups Face Strong Harvard Freshmen

Riding the crest of a 32-0 massacre of Princeton last week, the Yale freshman football team comes to Harvard today at the peak of its form and poses a serious threat to the Yardlings' three-game winning streak in the "little Big Game" at 2 this afternoon.

The Bullpups, who shut out their first two opponents and then floundered through losses to Cornell and Dartmouth, took out all their frustrations on the unfortunate Tigers. Quarterback Billy Gales did most of the damage, completing 11 out of 17 passes and enjoying his finest game of the season.

Line is Middle-Sized

Joining Gales in the Yale backfield are the team's top ground gainer, fullback Dan Barrows, and a very fast halfback, Court Shevelson, whose performance has been hindered by injuries. Defensive end Mark Young heads a line of unexceptional size.

The Harvard freshmen, despite a 4 and 1 record, have been spotty. They beat Dartmouth 8-7 on a last-second blocked punt, and defeated Brown last week with a long punt return and an 86-yard pass play.

The Crimson's most effective offensive weapon has been the passing of quarter-back Rick Zimmerman, chiefly to end Carter Lord. Middle linebacker Dowald Chiofaro leads an effective pass rush.

The Elis' 3-2 record includes victories over Columbia and Brown as well as Princeton, while Harvard has posted wins over Tufts, Princeton, Brown, and Dartmouth against a single loss to Boston College.

If the game develops into a passing duel between Zimmerman and Gales, defense may make the difference. Princeton, it should be noted, scored 22 points against Harvard just a week before being throttled by Yale.