Robbers Assault Leverett's Super

The superintendent of Leverett House surprised a group of youths stealing bicycles behind F-Entry last night and knocked one of them unconscious with a Coke bottle. In the subsequent scuffle, he reportedly suffered a broken nose and the youths escaped.

The superintendent, Bernard Tierney, was unavailable after the incident, but sources in Leverett House said that he had decided to check the bike rack because of a recent series of thefts. After discovering the youths at about 8:30 p.m., Tierney unsuccessfully sought reinforcements in the Leverett House pool room.

According to the sources, the youths fled while Tierney was calling the Metropolitan District Commission Police. A spokesman for the MDC, however, said that they had received no reports of violence.

Tierney returned to his room in Leverett House after receiving treatment for his injuries.