'Cliffe Senior Class Chooses Marshals

Elected Radcliffe class marshals were June D. Andelman of Holmes Hall and Attleboro: Pamella R. Blake of Wolbach Hall and Sudbury: Li-hula Wang of Briggs Hall and Honolulu, Hawail; Mrs. Judy Paul Osha of Cambridge; and Lois M. Rieser of Edmands House and Beaver, Pa.

Emily Hanke of Jordan W and Washington, D.C. was elected president of the senior class, Mrs. Osha, secretary, and Susan A. Woodward of Jordan K and Dallas, Tex, treasurer.

House representatives on the senior committee are Jean A. Burg of Jordan J and Painesville. Oklo, Mary-Elisabeth Melbach of Wolbach Hall and North Haven, Coun., and Susan J. First of Moors Hall and New York.

Class agents are Molly T. Geraghty of Briggs Hall and Chicago, III., Mary F. Keefe of Moors Hall and Jamica Plain, and Naney K. Nichels of Jordan J and Summit, N.J.