Student Fund Memorial

It is fitting that students pay tribute to the man who began the Peace Corps, emphasized youth in his Administration, and dignified politics as a calling for college graduates. Now, the creation of the national student fund drive for the Kennedy Library offers students a chance to express their admiration for the late President. We commend Carl J. Allen '65 and his committee of students from Boston area colleges for their initiative.

At present the committee's energies have been directed towards organizing the drive itself, and plans for use of the funds are still vague. Most suggestions center around the construction of a special wing of the library dedicated to President Kennedy's youth. But a better goal exists.

Several weeks ago the Kennedy family announced its approval of an institute designed to bring students, politicians, and scholars together at the Library. Through lectures, forums, and scholarships, the institute would further President Kennedy's goal of blending the world of ideas with the world of decision. Because it would not be part of the museum and archives administered by the federal government, the institute needs a special endowment. The student drive should allocate its fund for this purpose.

As a memorial to the late President the fund drive deserves the strongest support; by endowing an institute for studies in public service the drive can also help realize one of Kennedy's brightest ideals.