Crimson Kicks Off Yet Another Comp

Once upon a time, when your grandfather was a twinkle in your great-grandmother's eye, shiny-shoed college journalists were busily putting together that masterpiece of the communications world known as the Herald-Crimson. Neglecting their studies, they composed rondos on the summer's passing, analyzed the progress of the football, the baseball, and the tug of war tennis, and conceded the success of the Harvard Annex, an "experiment entered into with fear and trembling."

Annex Called 'Monumental Success'

"The most perverse opponent of co-education and the higher education of women," they wrote, "cannot continue incredulous alter such monumental success as this has crowned the four years' effort of the Annex." "This" refers to the engagement of three undergraduates to their professors.

As you can see, the oldest college's daily has not changed much in 81 years. CRIMSON newswriters are still dedicated above all else to the deathless beauty of their own prose. Fearless and mindless, they willingly sacrifice the advantages of formal education to that nobler end of gathering and repeating hearsay.

CRIMSON editorial writers now, as then, worship no idols, cower before no cows. Is there a need for a scathing attack on compulsory sophomore tutorial for credit in the geography department? The CRIMSON will write it!

Then, as now, matchless hordes of photographers lend their skills to the beautification of these pages. Then, as now, aggressive organization men increase their own and the CRIMSON'S solvency by shrewd dealing with local entrepreneurs.

Interested in any of these fields? Mentally unbalanced? Rejected by the Fly? Come to the CRIMSON'S spring competition introductory meeting tonight or Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m. in 14 Plympton St. Beer, coke, pretsels, green stamps.