Ec Dept. Appoints New Head Tutor; Lars Sandberg to Replace Wilkinson

Lars G. Sandberg '61, teaching fellow in Economics, will become the head tutor in the Economics Department next year.

II. Franchois Wilkinson, instructor in Economics and the Department's present head tutor, will be leaving the University next year to become an assistant professor of Economics at Dartmouth.

Main Contact

"The head tutor's job is an extremely important one to our undergraduate program," said john T. Dunlop, Chairman of the Department, in announcing the change yesterday. "Undergraduate Economics' concentrators take their problems to him, by and large since he is the main contact between them and the Department."

Dunlop went on to say that revisions in the tutorial program for sophomores in the Department were currently under consideration.

"We have a split among our sophomore concentrators between those who have taken Economics 1 during the freshman year and those who haven't taken the course, or are taking it as sophomores," Dunlop explained.

Change Next Fall

"It's possible that we will develop a more standardized program for those who haven't had any introduction to economics. A committee will be looking over the problem this summer, he went on, "and we expect that there will be some changes made in the program by next fall."

Sandberg, a summer graduate in Economics, received the Young and Williams prizes for the best thesis in Economics, and the best overall undergraduate record in the Department, upon his graduation.

Upon taking over as head tutor next fall, he will be promoted to instructor, and will become head section man of Economics 1.