Heavyweight Crew at Rutgers Today; 150's Race Two Regattas on Charles

Harvard's varsity heavyweight crew faces it first test of the season against Rutgers at New Brunswick today, but the real crew interest will focus on two regattas here on the Charles.

In the first series of races this afternoon, coach Fred Cabot's undefeated light-weight crews face M.I.T. for the Biglin Cup, and the outcome will bear strongly on which crew will best be able to challenge Cornell's lightweight supremacy. The races, over the Henley distance, will begin at 3:30 p.m.

Following the Biglin Cup, M.I.T.'s heavyweight crews will play host to a very confident Yale squad, and again Cornell, top crew in the Eastern Sprints last year, will be the ultimate target for the winner.

Harvard's place in the heavyweight scramble is very much up in the air. Coach Harry Parker's varsity has come up with some encouraging times this week, and will be favored over winless Rutgers this afternoon.

But even a Harvard victory in the heavy-weight opener will not make the Crimson's prospects crystal-clear. "Several crews have already stamped themselves as outstanding," said Parker, "and we're going to have to go some to rank up there with the leaders."

Changes in Lineup

Parker has made some changes in the varsity boat, which now includes junior Geoff Plcard at stroke, junior Bob Whitney at seven, junior Paul Gunderson at six, sophomore Jim Tew at five, junior Tom Pollock at four, captain Harry Pollock at three, junior Geoff Gratwick at two, junior Bob Schwarz at bow, and senior Ted Washburn at cox.

The depth of material in the lightweight squad--a happy situation for the competition it encourages--has continued Cabot's problem of musical chairs. "I had thought the JV's technically rowed a better race Saturday," said Cabot, and on Monday the JV's defeated the varsity consistently.

The result was a shake-up in the boatings. The performance of the new varsity has been "reasonably encouraging," and it stands a good chance of avenging last year's loss to M.I.T. in the Biglin Cup.

Included in the first boat are three from last week's varsity that defeated Columbia and Rutgers: Martyn Greenacre at bow, captain Jim MacMahon at four, and Roman Nowygrod at seven. Rounding out the boat are Leo Cass, at two, John Eddy at three, Charles McClennan at five, Peter Whitman at six, Galen Brewster at sroko, and Tim Claflin a cox, all of whom rowed JV last week