Heavyweights Wallop Rutgers, Brown

M.I.T Squeaks Past Crimson 150-Pounders In Biglin Bowl Races

The Crimson's heavyweight crews powered their way to a complete sweep of Rutgers and Brown in their opening race at New Brunswick Saturday while the lightweights lost a heartbreaker to M.I.T.'s high stroking Engineers here on the Charles in the Biglin Cup competition.

Not one of Harvard's heavyweight crews had any serious difficulty winning by wide margins. Coach Harry Parker's varsity capped the afternoon sweep at dusk with a four-and-a-half-length win over Brown and Rutgers just after a six-length victory by the JV's.

Stroked by junior Geoff Picard, the varsity had power to spare at the end of the mile-and-three-quarter course. But it was slow in building up its big margin despite a jump at the start--and the varsity will have to take off faster over the 2000-meter sprint and Olympic distance.

Brown stayed within a length of the Crimson for a mile but the varsity pulled away quickly, adding two more lengths. With a quarter mile to go, Picard got his crew up to a 37 sprint and widened the distance still more.

It was a disappointing day for the lightweights here on the Charles as they failed to win a race. Except for Dartmouth's three-quarter length win over the first freshman boat, M.I.T. took all the honors, including the tense varsity contest which could have gone either way.


One of the Fastest

In an extremely hard-fought race, the Engineers caught the Crimson in the last few strokes to win by three feet. Dartmouth was third, two lengths behind. Despite the loss, the time of the race, 6:39, was one of the fastest ever rowed on the Charles.

Both heavyweights and lightweights will race here next weekend. Parker's crews will face Princeton and M.I.T. which lost by three lengths to Yale Saturday. The Elis have proved themselves a definite contender for the Olympics, and the race next week will be the Crimson's first real test. The lightweights will race Navy.

Rowing in the varsity heavyweights were Geoff Picard at stroke, Bob Whitney at seven, Paul Gunderson at six, Jim Tew at five, Tom Pollock at four, captain Harry Pollock at three, Geoff Gratwick at two, Bob Schwarz at bow, and Ted Washburn at cox.

In the varsity lightweights were Galen Brewster at stroke, Roman Nowygrod at seven, Peter Whitman at six, Charles McClennan at five, captain Jim MacMahon at four, John Eddy at three, Leo Cass at two, Martyn Greenacre at bow, and Tim Claflin at cox.