Kennedys to Pick Library Designer From Select List of Six Architects

Six of America's greatest architects are being considered for the task of designing the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library, the CRIMSON has learned. Each of the architects will visit Washington, D.C., within the next month to discuss their work individually with members and advisors of the Kennedy family.

Although the identities of the architects under consideration have not yet been divulged, it is known that Louis I. Kahn, Ludvig Mies van der Rohe, Paul M. Rudolf, and John C. Warnecke are included in the group.

The six were chosen by the members of the Kennedy family and an architects advisory committee during an April 12 meeting at the Hyannisport Kennedy home. The names of the architects officially will be made public later this month.

No Choice Yet

It was widely thought, before President Kennedy's death, that he had selected Warnecke as the designer of the library, but William Walton, chairman of the Architects and Artists Advisory Committee for the library, Monday night termed this rumor "merely a general assumption of the press."

"If the President had chosen Warnecke, he would be the man designing the library," Walton said.

Walton estimated that it would take a year or more to draw up designs for the combination library and institute. "We have to give the architect at least a year to think," he said.

Harvard Raises $7000

Here at the College, totals for last week's Student Kennedy Library Fund drive are still being tabulated. Robert D. Joffe '64, chairman of the Harvard drive, said that the effort had yielded about $7000. Of this, about $5500 came from Harvard, another $1000 or more from Radcliffe, and the rest from the graduate schools.

Joffe said that a drive would be conducted by mail this week among the faculty.

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