Monday Noon Course Glut Easing, Several Courses Omitted Next Year

No hour should have more than its share of popular courses next year, according to Sargent Kennedy '28, Registrar, providing students' likes and dislikes remain approximately the same as they have been in 1963-64.

Kennedy recently turned over to the Committee on Educational Policy the course schedules which the various departments requested for next year The CEP approved the over-all arrangement, and galleys of next year's course catalogue are now available.

During the current year, a large number of general interest courses were offered at Monday, Wednesday, Friday at noon. However, since the various departments left only about half of these at their old hour, Mr. Kennedy felt no need to ask the CEP to take action to eliminate the glut.

Ironically, the main reason for the elimination of the Monday noon jam-up will not immediately help students who could take only one course at that hour this year: five of these courses have been omitted in 1964-65.

The elimination is the result of "natural rotation of courses from year to year," Kennedy explained, rather than of any pressure on the departments to move their popular courses to less populated hours.

Only Government 124 (Constitutional Law) has moved to a new hour--Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10 a.m. Thus, Kennedy pointed out, a glut at some other hour is not likely to result from the trend away from Monday noon.

Humanities 3, Social Sciences 136, and English 123 will be eliminated in 1964-65 as will the Fall term of Philosophy 1 and Slavic 150.

Remnants of noontime glory will be Economics 1, Fine Arts 13, Natural Sciences 5, History 169, History 61, Nat Sci 9, English 115 and German 75.