Rates Fixed For Summer School

For the first time in its history, the Harvard Summer School has this year established a uniform room rent. The standard rate will be $100 per student.

The new system was suggested by the uniform room rent which the college adopted this year, according to Thomas E. Crooks, director of the Summer School. The college rate is $255 per term.

Although the old rates ranged from $75 to $235, Crooks said that he does not expect the new rate to effect the Summer School revenue.

The School of Education has also adopted a uniform room rate of $90 for its summer program.

Crooks said that the applications for the Summer School are going "just fine." "I expect the school to be about the same size as last year," he said. There were 4500 students at Harvard last summer.

Until the summer of 1961, the Summer School had no admissions requirements. But when 4550 students enrolled that year, Summer School officials feared that unless they established some requirements, the program would get out of hand.

Consequently, in 1962 the School demanded that its applicants be recommended by their colleges and the enrollment dropped to 4122. It now appears to have leveled off at 4500.

The increased counseling of students has also served to sift off some applicants, Crooks pointed out.

Early this month, Crooks announced regulations for student organizations in the Summer School. Last summer, Crooks had said that standard policy was not to recognize summer student groups, and even to discourage regular Harvard organizations, particularly political ones.