The Making of a Rumor, 1964

The Fourth Estate

(Ed. Note: The following is a transcript from a network's coverage of the Republican National Convention shortly before balloting for the GOP's presidential nominee. Governor Scranton, watching the proceedings from his suite in the Mark Hopkins Hotel, has just retired to the bathroom.)

McHEE: This is Frank McHee outside Governor Scranton's suite on the 15th floor of San Francisco's Mark Hopkins hotel. With me here is Governor Scranton's press secretary, Jack Conny. Where is the Governor at this moment, Jack?

CONNY: I really couldn't say right now, Frank.

McHEE: Is he still in the hotel, Jack?

CONNY: Yes, I believe he is still in the hotel, Frank.

McHEE: Did the governor tell you that he is in the hotel, Jack?

CONNY: No, the governor didn't tell me that, but I believe he is in the hotel.

McHEE: But you cannot tell us exactly where he is.

CONNY: No, I cannot say at this moment.

McHEE: You have just heard Jack Conny, Governor Scranton's press secretary tell us that he cannot tell us where Governor Scranton is at the moment. This is Frank McHee at the Mark Hopkins Hotel--where Governor Scranton may or may not be--returning you now to our Convention headquarters at the Cow Palace.

BLUNTLEY: On the convention floor we are still hearing seconding speeches for Senator Fong. We seem to have somewhat of a mystery over Governor Scranton's whereabouts. Chet?

HINTLEY: Yes, David. There has been speculation that Governor Scranton would come to the Cow Palace and withdraw before the balloting begins, and make a bid for party unity. If you recall, Senator Goldwater did that at the 1960 convention. David?

BLUNTLEY: And we might note that the governor's mysterious disappearance may indicate that something is brewing in the Scranton camp. Sander Vanogre has a report for us on the convention floor. Sander?

VANOGRE: This is Sander Vanogre behind the podium with Senator Hugh Scott, Governor Scranton's floor manager. How do you feel, Senator?

SCOTT: Well, we feel we're still in the running.