Kirkland Leading Straus Trophy Race

Kirkland House, lender in the fall Straus trophy competition, is currently on top of the "A" basketball race. The Deacons, led by Dave Taft, whipped last-place Dudley House Wednesday night to maintain first place.

Dudley further helped the Kirkland cause by registering an upset victory over Eliot Wednesday night to throw the Elephants out of a tie with Kirkland for first place.

Eliot got revenge last night, however, by beating Kirkland, 2-1 to take over the lead in the House hockey race. Lowell defeated Leverett last night to keep second place in the competition.

In squash, Lowell leads the pack with a 6-0 record. They are followed by Eliot (3-0) and Leverett (4-2).

In "B" basketball, Kirkland is currently in first place with Leverett and Dunster in second and third. Kirkland beat Dudley Wednesday night to maintain its lead.

Dunster House is ahead in the "B" squash race, followed by Eliot and Lowell. The Funsters have a 4-0 record.

Although House athletic secretary Ricardo Wilson maintained that a "high enthusiasm" prevailed in his house, Adams House is currently in or near last place in nearly every league race. It is on the bottom in both "B" basketball and hockey.

Few individual leaders have arisen not of the competition so far. Gardner Jackson in hockey and John Micketts of Eliot House in basketball have generally been accorded outstanding, however.