128 Squash Players Vie in Tournament

Three brothers, after graduating from Harvard, decided to finance an annual squash tournament for the University.

And they had a good reason. The Foster brothers--Adam '48, Hugh '50, and Henry '51--each played number one and captained a Crimson squash team. Henry Foster became a National Intercollegiate Champion.

Their tournament, the University Squash Championship for the Foster Trophy, is now in progress for the 14th year. The tournament is not publicized; no notice of it can be found outside Hemenway Gymnasium. And yet there are 123 entrants this year, ranging from freshmen to professors.

Take Professor Robert Braucher of the Law School, for instance. Always a major factor in the tournament, he mauled a hapless student, 3-0, in his first round match last Saturday. And George Siegel, professor of Russian Literature, gave the varsity's number eight man, Steve Simpson, his toughest competition of the season before bowing, 3-2.

The seedings this year are pretty impressive for an intra-university tournament. Top seeded is Bob Hetherington, a former Yale ace and now in his second year at the Divinity School. Hetherington is ranked ninth among U.S. amateurs.

Varsity captain and number one player Romer Holleran is seeded second. Following Holleran is Dick Hoehn, a second year law student. He was formerly the number one player at Dartmouth and a national intercollegiate finalist. Terry Robinson, varsity number two player, is seeded fourth.

Because of its size, the tournament will probably continue until March.

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