Price Concludes Executive Study; Reports to LBJ

A presidential task force studying the reorganization of the executive branch of the federal government, led by Don K. Price, Jr., dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, has submitted a confidential report to President Johnson.

The task force was asked to recommend changes they felt would make the executive branch more efficient and more capable of handling the affairs of state.

Stimulate Johnson

"Because the majority of the suggestions in the final 30-page summary report were made without regard to their political feasibilities," Price said, "I doubt that the President will ever release the report to the public. It will probably serve the President simply as a stimulus to his thinking in this area."

Hoover Commission

Past presidents have also made use of Price's suggestions. President Truman relied heavily on the recommendations of the Hoover Commission, of which Price was a member.

In 1953, Price worked in Eisenhower's Defense Department Reorganization Program which resulted in drastic changes in that department the following year.

The latest task force, consisting of ten members, was one of over a dozen committee established by Johnson last July to report on problems within the "Great Society."

After six months work, the committee submitted the report to Johnson in December. About 15 or 16 full days of private hearings were held. Price said that the rest of the work was done "as homework by individual committee members."

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