Booters Favored Wallop B.U. Second Win

Same time -- 10:30 a.m.

Bruce Monro hopes that the Boston University team his soccer squad faces this morning will be good.

Monro wants a hard game. He is confident his team is stronger than last year's squad which finished third in the Ivy League and 6-2-2 overall. But he feels that they haven't really had a chance to yet.

He's also afraid that if B.U. doesn't challenge, his boys won't be roady powerful Williams team they face next Wednesday.

Unfortunately B.U. probably won't oblige. They were a mediocre team last year, losing Harvard 9-2. And this year they have only been practicing for 10 days, a full week less than Monro's booters.

B. U. did have 27 men out for soccar this year, many more than usual. But they have been hiding some under the tables at Jack and the only B.U. player worth inside George Karalexis, who made the all-New England team last year.

Whether the game is tight or not, Monro will use a lot of players. His starting line is set with Charlie Njoku and Dudley Blodget at the wings, Hugh Polk and Fred Akuffo at the insides, and Jim all at center forward. But there is a scramble for positions on the second line, esoecially at the wings. There the oss of Akin Adewole and Morgan Hudson have left the second positions wide open, and Munro will be looking for some more talent.

The halfback line will be strong and deep, with an all letterman starting trio Kydes, Onwechekwa Okigwe--All-Ivy in '63--and Captain Bill Kerstetter. Backing them up will be letterman Ken Mallory, sophomores Nwachukwo Azikiwe and Joe Gould, and junior Pete

Lunkenheimer and Tony Marks started at fullback against Tufts last day and will probably start again. Alex Patton, who started at the post last until he was injured, will see a lot of acton too.