HUC to Review Trial Procedures

The Harvard Undergraduate Council has set up a committee to review the question of trial procedures in student disciplinary cases.

Discussion on the issue began last week when the Harvard Policy Committee questioned the Administrative Board's practice of barring students from testifying in their own behalf. At present a student is required to submit a letter to the Board stating his side of the case.

The HUC committee will try to come up with a plan "that would better provide for the student's interests," said Daniel C. Goldfarb Jr. '66, president of the HUC. Several possibilities will be considered, including:

* Allowing a student to personally plead his case before the Administrative Board. This would presumably permit a clearer presentation of the facts; or

* Creating a disciplinary board on which students themselves would sit. Such a joint faculty-student board is now operating at Williams College.


The HUC committee hopes to have a preliminary report ready in a week or two. The Administrative Board last week said it was willing to participate in a thorough review of the situation, but at a meeting Tuesday postponed any immediate action.

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