Booters Meet Williams, Face First Tough Game

Game Time--3 p.m.

We'll see how good the varsity soccer team really is this afternoon when Coach Bruce Munro's booters meet Williams on the Business School Field.

No doubt about it, the Ephmen will be trouble. They opened last week against a Middlebury team which had earlier defeated last year's National Champion, Navy, and played even for three quarters. Middlebury finally broke loose in the fourth quarter, scoring three goals to win 5 to 2.

With that game behind them Williams should be much better prepared for some tough soccer than the varsity, who have chalked up their two high scoring victories against patsies from Tufts and B.U.

Munro has been working his boys hard, scrimmaging his first two teams most of Monday's practice. But practice with friends is not necessarily a substitute for honest battle.

Defense Untested

Harvard's defense hasn't been tested this year. The half-backs have spent almost all their time moving the ball up to the line, controlling the ball excellently. But it becomes a bit harder to keep up such strong support when you also have to scramble to protect your own goal.

The fullbacks, Karl Lukenhelmer, Tony Marks, and Alex Patton, are all veterans and should be up to the task of protecting goalie Nat Bowditch in spite of the easy season they've had so far.

If they can, and if the halfbacks can play a dual role for a change, and if the line can continue to pass and score against real opposition -- if all that, Williams should fall and we should start musing about an Ivy Championship.