Dave Allen Captures First As Runners Defeat Brown

Captain Dave Allen won his first race as a Crimson varsity cross-country runner as Harvard dumped Brown 23-34 in Franklin Park yesterday.

This was supposed to be a close one, but an injury to the Bruins' Bob Busick and some inspired running by Allen and sophomore Jim Baker sewed up Harvard's second victory (the team has lost one) by the half-way mark.

At that point, Baker led the field, with Hewlett, Allen, and Bruin captain Bill Kinsella trailing in that order. Then Baker and Hewlett, not the man he used to be, dropped back.

Allen won the battle of the captains by a solid 0:11. Hewlett came in 0:14 after Kinsella and was followed by seven sophomores (four of them Harvard's) led by Baker.

Brown's Chip Ennis and Jim Wich were fifth and sixth. Joe Ryan and Bob Stempson took seventh and eighth to round out Harvard's scoring. It was the third time in three meets that these two have figured in the Crimson total.

Allen's time, 28:27, was about a half minute slower than the winning performance last week by Northeastern's Dave Dunsky. But this time the course was soft, and the runners had slippery footing on the hills and turns.

Several surprises brightened the day for Harvard. Senior Clive Kileff, a tennis player by trade, was the seventh Crimson runner to cross the line. Bill Burns and Dick Lagenbach, two fast improving sophomores, were right behind him. All three were fast enough to displace Brown's fifth man.