Phillips Brooks Plans to Obtain Financial Advice

Philips Brooks House has decided to hire a financial consultant in an attempt to find more sources of money for the PBH committees.

Gail Gillam '66, president of PBH, said last night that the consultant will be hired on an experimental basis for about three months. If at the end of this time it does not prove to be effective, the experiment will be discontinued, she said.

The part-time consultant, who will be a graduate student, will analyze PBH's present sources of contributions and then will help students find new sources from which the committees can solicit.

Lack of Sources

At present the committees need about $10,000 a year to support their activities. Each committee--such as the Mental Hospitals Committee or the Book Exposure Program--has to solicit its own funds each year. The problem is, that they can't had enough sources of income, and various committees have been soliciting from the same sources.


Over the past five years, according to Miss Gillam, the trend has been towards starting programs that are both more interesting and more specialized, but that also require greater financial support.

The hope is that with the help of the consultant the committees will be able to open up more sources of funds. The student who now have to find the sources don't have the experience or the time to be able to tap all the sources available. The rate of turnover is so high that by the time one student gains the experience necessary for effective raising of money, he has graduated, Miss Gillam said.

"It is unreasonable to expect students whose first interest is volunteers to spend much of their time raising money for the projects instead," Miss Gillam explained.