Skiing Fashions Stress 'Matched Pairs', 'Parallels' This Season

This season's skiing fashion development is called "matched pairs," -- a styling innovation that mixes shades of colors while avoiding the uniformity of one-tone outfits.

A matched pair outfit will feature a parks in dark red, for example, with pants slightly lighter, local ski equipment dealers report.

A second fashion idea gaining popularity is "parallels," -- mens and women's clothing that goes together but avoids the identical-twin styling of "his-and-her's" combinations.

More Sweaters

The dealers predict there will be more sweaters than parkas on New England slopes this winter to. Reason for this popularity is added color. But experts point out that sweaters don't provide the same warmth as parkas, which will have to be used when the weather gets really cold.

A particularly warm sweater this year is "boiled wool," in which a large sweater is preshrunk to wearable size, increasing the density of the material in the process.

Turtle necks, especially checkered patterns, will probably be the most popular styles this year, but the old reliable V-neck is reportedly undergoing a revival.

Women's Parkas

Parkas for women will be longer this year, the local shops report. New synthetics will provide even more warmth than usual, and many manufacturers are presenting fur-linings for hoods.

Expensive seal-skin, which is especially warm, is also expected to gain popularity on the slopes this winter.

The new knickers-style ski pants will come in more colors this year, and become snugger than previously.

A new type of regular men's ski pants will be offered with a higher waist and either straps or suspenders. These styles are mostly for racing purposes, where maneuverability is at a premium.