The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The printing in your editorial column of the ludicrous "Open Letter to Mr. Mao" (issue of March 22), written by the May 2nd Committee, constitutes further corroboration of the unjustifiably discriminatory editorial policy of the CRIMSON.

In spite of the fact that the May 2nd position on Vietnam is shared by few (NOT EVEN SEN. MORSE!), it receives constant attention from the editors of this newspaper. At the same time, attempts to engage in the kind of debate, which , I am told, is essential in our society are repeatedly and rather suspiciously thwarted by the CRIMSON's refusal to publish dissenting letters (though the CRIMSON has called for them one which I wrote more than six weeks ago.

Fortunately, the Harvard community is occasionally exposed to such demolishing phrases as "Your story (on my talk on Vietnam) was 50 per cent right, and your headline was 100 per cent wrong." (Huntington's letter to the CRIMSON, after reading what he was reported to have said.)

It's Crime, all right, but maybe the May 2nd Committee needs all the space it can get. I suspect, however, that the CRIMSON might find room to publish this letter as "evidence" of its ethical journalism. Jose Garcia-Pedrosa '63