Hope to Monkey With Bo Diddley Jubilee Weekend

Three hundred Freshman Jubilee holders will vote tomorrow for hope T. . She will be chosen from of 12 freshmen entries in hard dorms.

According to C. '67, of the the lucky young lovely Diddley on night and with him." Another committee when asked if Hope be the most beautiful girl in the freshman class, said "no, uh, the most appropriate."

Hope T. Seela of Clearview Lane, Lookout Mt., Kentucky, appeared in the Freshman Register in her . the Class of '68 nominated her in December for the Committee, received 80 per cent of the vote.

The rest of the committee, recognizing a good publicity gag when they saw one, decided to capitalize on Hope's fame. So since Miss Seela is unavailable, her Radcliffe counterpart, a girl with her spirit, will add her class to the goings on April 30 through May 2.

Although there is some question as to whether he would be included on the ballot, some unofficial sources believe that Frank Murray, a North Yard janitor, has a good chance of winning. "He could bring his wife, and chaperone, I guess," said a member of the Committee.

But then who will monkey with Bo Diddley?