Gen Ed Plan Won't Be Set Until October

Ford Had Wanted May Faculty Vote

The Faculty debate on General Education will not be resumed this year.

Dean Ford said this week that "it's certain" that the Committee on Educational policy will not finish drawing up its of the Gen Ed program in time the Faculty's last business meeting of year May 18.

The CEP has been asked to consider a of "straw votes" taken at Faculty meetings earlier this year, and to draw up Gen Ed program based on the .

Ford had said earlier that there was hope for putting the CEP's reformulation before the Faculty at its May meetings. No thought was given, however, attempting to revise the Gen Ed program in time to install it next year. If improved by the Faculty, it will go into in the fall of 1966.

Ford said the CEP would have its formulation ready by the Faculty's October meeting, though he was not sure whether could all be passed at one meeting. "I don't think they'll want to spend another on it," he said. This year the Faculty voted on various plans for Gen Ed at meetings from October to March.

The CEP was asked to consider a of votes that for the most part express Faculty's satisfaction with the Gen Ed program. The one major exemption was a 94-87 vote at the December meeting against requiring students to specifically labeled General Education courses.

The CEP is expected to return with a program very similar to the existing one, with the recommendation that a designated list" of departmental courses made substitutable for Gen Ed courses fulfilling a student's requirements.