Five to Receive College Awards

John F. O'Brien Jr. '65, of Leverett House and Brockton, will receive this year's Francis H. Burr '09 Fund Scholarship, presented to the senior "who combines as nearly as possible Burr's remarkable qualities of character, leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability (football)." It carries a stipend of $1253.66.

Other prize winners to be formally announced at the meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Tuesday are:

* Curtis A. Hessler '66, of Leverett House and Wooland Hills, Cal., who has won the Richard Perkins Parker Scholarship, given annually to the member of the Junior Class "who shall have demonstrated his high qualifications both by intellectual achievement and by participation in the student activities of the college."

* Edward B. Lamont '65, of Lowell House and Columbus, Ohio, who has received the Paul Revere Frothingham Scholarship as the senior "who best exemplifies the qualities of excellent leadership and effective support of the best interests of Harvard University."

* James D. Wilkinson '65, of Lowell House and Groton, who has been given the Palfrey Exhibition for "the most distinguished scholar in the senior clean who also is the recipient of a stipendary scholarship."

* Jack R. Norton '67, of Quincy House and Dallas, Tex., who has won the Wendell Phillips Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually to a sophomore "who has special oratorical power, and so gives promise of becoming a real force as a public speaker."