Traveling Fellowship Winners Announced

The University announced yesterday the winners of the Shaw, Knox, and Sheldon prize fellowships for next year.

Winners of the Henry Russell Shaw Travelling Fellowships are Donald E. Gerson '65, of Eliot House and Dayton, Ohio; Gerald P. Hillman '65, of Dudley House and West Roxbury; and Robert L. McCarthy '65, of Winthrop House and Cincinnati, Ohio. Each will receive a stipend of $3000.

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships have been awarded to Howard E. Gardner '65, of Winthrop House and Scranton, Pa.; Alan Gilbert '65, of Dudley House and Karachi, Pakistan; Antonio Gilman '65, of Eliot House and Cambridge; David P. Handlin '65, of Adams House and Cambridge; Alan M. Tartakoff '65, of Kirkland House and Cambridge; James L. Turk '65, of Dudley House and Arnold, Pa.; John E. Veblen '65, of Winthrop House and Seattle, Wash.; and Bunil Yang '65, of Dunster House and Levittown, Pa. The Knox winners each receive $3000 to study one year at a University in the British Commonwealth.

Frederick Sheldon Prize Fellowships have been awarded to David M. Bear '65, of Quincy House and Akron, Ohio; Joel E. Cohen '65, of Adams House and Washington, D.C.; Paul Horowits '65, of Lowell House and Summit, N.J.; and Stephen D. White '65, of Adams House and Cambridge. The Sheldon provides $2200 for undesignated travel.