New Ripon Book to Discuss Means Of Recovery From 'Disaster of '64'

"The Rape of the Republican Party" may be the title of the Ripon Society's forthcoming book on "what Republicans have to do if they are ever to win again," Thomas P. Petri '62 said yesterday. Petri, a proctor in Thayer Hall, will edit the work, to be published in September.

"Highlights of the disaster of '64 (a condensation of the Society's 'Election '64' Report) and a summary of the aftermath of the Goldwater experiment will be the major topics covered by the book," Petri added.

The Ripon Society, a group of Republican graduate students and young professors headquartered in the Boston area, has outlined several suggestions for the revamping of the Republican Party, some of which may not appear in the book because of a 100-page publisher's limitation.

"We hope to include a do-it-yourself guide for people concerned about the right-wing takeover and Goldwater sickness in the party," Petri said. The emphasis will be on convincing Republicans that these factions do pose a threat-that there are large sections of the Republican party which have not been convinced by the Goldwater defeat. The only way to fight this is for traditional, conservative party members to become active themselves, Petri explained.

The party should expand the idea of civil rights beyond giving equal rights to Negroes to include equal rights for the mentally ill and juveniles involved in crimes.

Petri also cited the need for Republicans to strengthen their appeal to young professionals and to take the lead in reexamining and re-organizing State constitutions.

Finally the book will note that recent leadership changes have not affected the party's direction significantly. Possibly a discussion of Nixon, Romney, and Scranton as prospective Presidential nominees for '63 will be included.