Runners Visit New Haven Tomorrow; Contest Provides Good Prep for Heps

The track team's trip to Yale tomorrow will be a profitable journey.

First, because we'll mash them. Second, because the meet will help get us ready for next week's Heptagonals.

The Heps will be held in New Haven too, so it will be nice to get some practice on the Eli Field. And Yale, though no power as a team, will provide strong opposition in just those events where the Crimson's capabilities are currently unknown.

Walt Hewlett will make his spring debut in the two-mile, and, though his erratic tendencies have made him a legend in his own time, his performance today against capable Rick Wilmer should give some hint of what to expect next week.

Chris Pardee will be forced to test his injured ankle in the high jump. Against middling opposition he has been able to use a five-stop run-up, clear 6 ft., 6 in., and win, but he'll have to go higher to beat Kim Hill today. And to go higher, Pardee will have to use a full-up.


Wilmer in the mile, and Jon Lieff and Chuck Daniels in the 880, will tell Crimson coach Bill McCurdy if he can expect any points from his boys next week in these events.

Indoors, Wilmer beat Jim Smith in the mile, and Daniels topped Keith Chiappa and John Ogden in the 1000. Daniels and Lieff have both been around the 1:56 mark in the 880 this spring.

Eli Walt Wright broad jumped 22 ft., 6 3/4 in against Princeton last week, and that's far enough to give Aggrey Awori and Harvey Thomas a real battle tomorrow.

Wright will also test Harvard's triple jump duo of Thomas and Olufemi Olunloyo. The Crimson pair, unimpressive in the Greater Boston championships, may have to top 45 ft. to beat out Wright.

Sam Robinson, particularly in his upset win over B.C.'s Bob Gilvey on Wednesday, has looked great in the 440. Henry Cole, 0:49.0 against Princeton, will push Robinson hard today.

Most of the other events are pretty well decided, because where Harvard is strongest, Yale is weakest. Take the dashes.

Wayne Anderson, Awori, and Michael Hauck could well sweep both of them. If they don't, it may be because Robinson starts in the 320 instead of Hauck.

Tony Lynch is a cinch against Al Converse (0:57-plus) in the 440-yard hurdles, and Awori and Lynch are heavy favorites against Hill (0:14.9) in the 120's.

The Elis are sure winners in only two events, the javelin and the shot put. Jerry Hinkle's 220-yard javelin throws put him 30 yards out of range for his Crimson opposition.

With Art Croasdale disabled, Chuck Merecin will be all alone in the shot.