Varsity Baseball Meets Cadet Nine Tomorrow

Spahn and Sain

And a day of rain

McCandlish and Scott

Are all we've got.

Harvard could well add a pair of lines to the immortal couplet that a sports-writer composed long ago about the two-man pitching staff of the old Boston Braves. With the season 15 games old. The Crimson nine has been unable to , borrow, steal, or excavate another front-line pitcher to go with righthander John Scott and lefthander Jim McCandlish.


When the team travels to Army tomorrow, it's a good bet that either McCandlish or Scott will be on the bound. Of the team's seven victories, Scott has Wednesday, when Larry Melfa out M.I.T. 11-0, did another Harvard pitcher record a win.

The two Crimson hurlers have carried the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern routine to an extreme. In Harvard's 3-4 win over Penn last Saturday, McCandlish was hit hard in the first three innings. Scott came in, held the Quakers to one run for the rest of the game, and picked up the win. When Harvard battered Brown 16-3 on Wednesday, Scott pitched the first five innings. The McCandlish took over and limited the Bruins to a single hit over the last four innings.

Army Ace

Army also relies heavily on a single pitcher--Barry DeBolt. Last year, as a sophomore, DeBolt compiled a 6-1 record in the Eastern Intercollegiate Baseball League and was named to the league All-Star team pitching staff along with Paul Del Rossi of Harvard. The Cadets' attack is unimpressive; Tony Pyrs hit .294 in the E.I.B.L. last year to lead the team.

Harvard will be out to even its season record, which now stands at 7-8 The Crimson is 4-3 in the E.I.B.L.