Maybe: Harry S Truman LL.D. (hon.)

Captain Harry S Truman, former President of the United States, will be awarded an honorary LL.D. at Commencement this year, the CRIMSON failed to learn yesterday. The CRIMSON has failed to learn this for 12 years now, but it is still hoping.

Herbert Hoover got his in 1917; Franklin Roosevelt '04 was honored in 1929; Dwight Eisenhower picked one up in 1946; and John Kennedy '40 stopped by ten years later, when he was still junior Senator from Massachusetts. All of these doctors, it will be noticed, were given degrees before they assumed the office of the Presidency--the same holds true for George Washington LL.D. (hon.) 1776, John Adams 1755, LL.D. (hon.) 1781, and Thomas Jefferson LL.D. (hon.) 1787--and no doubt the Corporation had second thoughts later on. But there are precedents: Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson, Gen. Ulysses Simpson Grant and Col. Theodore Roosevelt '80 were all honored after they had attained what used to be called high office.

The other honorary degrees this year will fall, as usual, into six categories: Germans, English women, clergymen, dying professors, distinguished Negroes, and others.

Mayor Willy Brandt (1962) and Chancellor Ludwig Erhard (1964) have been used up, so the most likely German-of-the-year is Franz Josef Strauss, former Minister of Defense. Herr Strauss' citation will read: "He has made the Wall of Shame almost as big a drawing card as the Bridge of Sighs."

English women: Queen Elizabeth II is out (although she is a distinct possibility as German-of-the-year), and so are Mrs. Harold Wilson and Princess Margaret (who won't be here until November). But there must be someone: Ivy Compton-Burnett? Lady Snow (Pamela Hansford Johnson)?? Iris Murdoch???

Martin Luther King could knock off two categories at once--three, if his Christian names are any indication of his ancestry. Others up for grabs are Edward Brooke, Attorney General of the Commonwealth; Thurgood Marshall. United States Judge for the Court of Appeals, Second Circuit; Marian Anderson; Constance Baker Motley, president of the borough of Manhattan; Sonny Liston, recently retired; and Warren G. Harding.

A special L.H.D. (hon.) will be awarded to Louis Frederick Fieser, Sheldon Emery Professor of Organic Chemistry and Father of Napalm. Fieser's citation, engraved in burning letters, will read: "You have brought new light to darkest jungles."

As for the rest, the following list is guaranteed to contain at least three winners: Alfred Gardner '18, partner in the Boston law firm of Palmer, Dodge, Gardner and Bradford, and courageous chairman of the Massachusetts Crime Commission: Dr. Francis D. Moore '35, Moseley Professor of Surgery and Surgeon-in-Chief at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (Dr. Moore is in need of a pick-me-up: his arch-rival for publicity. Dr. Michael E. DeBaken, had his picture on the cover of Time last week); Randall Thompson '20: Howard Nemerov '41 (Phl Beta Kap- pa poet this year); Fred Norris Robinson '91, Gurney Professor of English Literature, Emeritus, the oldest living emeritus professor, and holder of four honorary degrees from four other universities; Arthur H. Hopkins, Chief Linotypist to the CRIMSON, Emeritus; Paul Codman Cabot '21, retiring Treasurer of Harvard College, who herded the endowment over the billion dollar mark earlier this year; Charles Allerton Coolidge '17, retiring Senior Fellow of the Corporation; William L. Langer, Coolidge Professor of History, Emeritus; C. Day Lewis; C. H. Taylor, retiring Henry Charles Lea Professor of Medieval History and Master of Kirkland House; John Coolidge '35, director of the William Hayes Fogg Art Museum; Philip Hofer, free, white and '21, Curator of Printing and Graphic Arts in the College Library; Governor John A. Volpe; Msgr. Francis J. Lally, editor of the Pilot, organ of the archdiocese; Jacques Barzun; Gov. Elliot Richardson '41; and the CRIMSON's long shot, Dr. Roy Orval Greep, Dean of the School of Dental Medicine. Dean Greep will receive a D.D.S. (hon.).

A final, and sure, bet is Adlai E. Stevenson, who it was announced in the national press some months ago, will both receive a degree and deliver an address. Gov. Stevenson will come to Harvard fresh from his triumphs in the Security Council's debate off the Dominican Republic