Runners Tackle Huskies Should Get First Victory

Northeastern's Dave Dunsky, who seems to have been around about as long as Bill McCurdy, brings himself and some friends to Franklin Park at 4 p.m. today to run against Harvard's cross-country team.

This year, though his friends have names, like Bill Kneeland, a pretty fair two-miler last spring, and Everett Baker. It's not like years past when the entire opposition could gang up on Dunsky.

Two weeks ago, in an open meet, Northeastern placed eight men ahead of Providence's Bob Donnelly, the runner who cliched the Friars' victory over Harvard last Saturday.

That, of course, bodes ill for the Crimson. but, fortunately, most of those eight were bunched just ahead of Donnelly with unspectacular times. "I'll be surprised if we lose this one," said Crimson captain Dave Allen, "But I'd be lying if I said they weren't dangerous."

They're dangerous because, first they've been practicing together since August 1. (Most Northeastern people live around here.) Second, they really care about this one. The Huskie coach twisted hard on McCurdy's arm when he found out this weekend was open for the Harvard runners.

But Walt Hewlett, breathing easier after a good week's practice, should handle Dunsky the way he has always done (with ease), and Allen, Bob Stempson, Joe Ryan, and Jim Baker are certainly fit to deal with the rest of them.

There's a freshman race and it starts at 3:30 p.m.