Fitzsimmons Makes Forty Saves

Harvard's hockey team put up a spirited fight against Boston University last sight, but found out that hustie and pluck are as substitute for teamwork and sheer talent. The Crimson lost, 4 to 2, to the best hockey team in the East.

The final score was not an accurate indication of B.U.'s total superiority. The terriers had 44 shots on goal, but were repeatedly frustrated by the great saves of Crimson goalie Bill Fitzsimmons. Harvard got off only 10 shots, and half of them were just pathetic little dribblers.

In the opening moments of the first period, it looked as if Harvard would be lucky to keep B.U. out of double figures. At 4:10 Billy Riley fired a pass up the middle to teammate John Parker, who poked in the puck from three feet out.

Five minutes later B.U.'s Vic Conte hit a slap shot from the point, which Fitzsimmons stopped with an excellent save. But after making the stop Fitzsimmons lost his balance and fell down. Fred Baset had no difficulty shoving the rebound past him, making the score 2-0.

B.U., unbeaten against ECAC opposition, had controlled the game 100 per cent. Their passing was crisp and they set up shots with considerable finesse; Harvard was in a state of complete disarray, and hadn't managed a real shot on goal in ten minutes.

Harvard Fights Back

Then, without warning, the Crimson came to life. And, as they have done all season, it was the line of Kent Parrot, Pete Waldinger and Ben Smith which provided the impetus. Smith brought the puck down the middle of the ice, and made a beautiful pass to Waldinger, who was all alone at the right point. He skated to within 15 feet of the not and then blasted a perfect shot which left goalie Jack Ferreira gasping. The time of the score was 12:30.

Twenty-five seconds later Harvard tied the score, as B.U. seemed to have blown its cool--at least temporarily. Smith took the puck to the left of the cage, drawing two Terrier defensemen with him, and then whipped a lovely pass to Parrot. The brilliant sophomore flipped the puck over Ferreira's shoulder and the game was tied.

That second score imbued the Crimson sextet with a fighting spirit it maintained until the waning moments of the game. Harvard started scrambling frenetically for loose pucks, checked with gusto, and even got into about five fist fights. One of them was a wild melee in the second period which sent four players to the penalty box.

Terriers' Superiority

B.U. might have been a bit "down" for Harvard after a pair of games against rugged midwestern opposition. But they still had the horses.

The Terriers regained the lead for good after five minutes of the second period. Fitzsimmons, aided by the great defensive work of Bob Clark, repulsed several shots during a concerted B.U. offensive. But finally he lost his balance and Conte slapped in a ten-footer from the left side, with assists from Jimmy Quinn and Mike Sobeski. The score came at 5:39.

In the last minute of the period B.U. wrapped it up. The Crimson had a one man advantage and had kept the puck in Terrier ice for a minute. Suddenly Pete McLachlan and Bruce Fennie broke down the ice together. Fennie flipped a 12-footer past Fitzsimmons who stood immobile and watched the winning goal go in.

The Terriers' Wayne Ryan played in the goal during the second and third periods; he made 15 saves and shut out the Crimson. Several times Harvard had good scoring opportunities, but they lacked B.U.'s precision passing and never seriously threatened the Terriers during the last period