Word for Harvard's New Mall Is-Kosciuszko

Harvard's new mall across Cambridge and Kirkland St. will have its own name--the Brigadier General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Mall.

It's Harvard's way of making up for the destruction of Brigadier General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Square, outside Mem Hall, which the mall will replace.

Right now, as construction goes on, the only thing still standing on Mem Hall's "island" is the stone tablet which honors Kosciuszko, the Pole who came to America in 1776 to aid in the colonies in their struggle for independence.

Cambridge City Councillor Alfred E. Vellucci moved yesterday that Harvard transfer the name from square to mall. Vellucci knew Charles P. Whitlock, assistant to the President for Civic and Governmental Affairs, was in the audience prepared to grant the request immediately for Harvard.

Hayes Chokes Vellucci

However, Mayor Daniel J. Hayes, facing a heavy schedule for the session, quickly cut discussion on the subject and moved on to new business before Vellucci could call Whitlock out of his seat.

Outside the chamber, Whitlock said that Harvard will honor Vellucci's request despite the lack of a public announcement. He noted that the University will give the mall to the City after completion, and Cambridge could have named it for Kosciuszko then if Harvard had refused.

After the meeting, Vellucci said that he had also asked that the stone tablet be moved to Cambridge Common until mall construction is done.