Diplomats' Drop Wrestlers, 21-15

There wasn't much to do on Saturday night in Lancaster, Pa., so several thousand showed up at Franklin and Marshall College to cheer on the Diplomat wrestling team to a 21-15 victory over Harvard.

They roared with delight as the hometown boys avenged Harvard's 19-13 victory last year, and didn't seem to mind a dull, slow meet.

Ed Franquemont (152) fought a frustrating 1-1 tie with Steve Sinatra; Bob Panoff, debuting at heavyweight, also tied at 1-1; and the rest of the matches were equally lacklustre.

The only spark came at the beginning as Howie Henjyoji (123) pinned Brod Browsky in the third period -- and even Henjyoji was losing, 4-2, at the time of the pin.