RGA Drops Fee For Night Guests In 'Cliffe Dorms

Radcliffe girls will no longer have to pay for overnight guests in their dormitories.

The $2 overnight guest fee was abolished at a meeting of the Radcliffe Government Association yesterday.

The original purpose of the fee was to discourage Harvard men from asking friends at Radcliffe to accommodate their dates. But, in practice, RGA members said, the fee only promoted girls not to register and pay for guests with the head residents of the dormitories. They also pointed out that most other girls' colleges had no guest fee.

"The measure was approved on a temporary basis at a meeting of the deans," Sussanne Wilson, president of RGA, said yesterday. "If too many people start having guests, the fee will have to be reinstated," she said.

In abolishing the fee, the College hopes that all students will register every overnight guest. "It's good to know who's in the building in case of fire," she said.

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