Fencers Slash Rutgers; Shea Tops Epee Champ


Harvard's varsity fencers plucked Rutgers yesterday for their tenth win, 15-12. After a disappointing performance must Princeton Saturday, the foil team funded with seven of nine bouts from Scarlet Knights. Junior Tom Mualiner caught his opponents on stop thrusts and ready reposes, allowing only four touch-while claming three bouts. In the round, Mualiner dumped Rich Eagan.

Captain rick Kolombatovich beat can, 5-2, and Gus Mavroudis, 5-4, but dropped a tense final round bout to Gary Novak, 5-4. Junior Dan Issacaon took two dueis and lost one.

Pesthy Takes Gas

In epee, Harvard's Steve Shea stunned national epee champion Paul Oesthy, 5-4. Pesthy, a Hungarian refugee, led the 1964 United States Olympic epee team to medal in the pentathion. His loss to Shea was his second in three years of inter-collegiate competition.

Sophomore Harry Jergesen's aggressive tactics befuddled Rutgers' Tev Airsla, 5-3, and Russ Oberlander, 5-2. But Pesthy crushed Jergesen, 5-0, and Brian Keldan, 5-1. Keldan milked Rutgers for two bouts as Harvard's epee men ruined Rutgers, 6-3.


Creamed Sabree

Rutger's sabre contingent creamed the Crimson, 7-2. Losing all its bouts in the first and third rounds, Harvard escaped total embarrassment in the second round when Bob Damus and Al Makaitis won their bouts.

Harvard's eight wins in the second round put the Crimson within one bout of victory. The near-sweep proved crucial as the Scarlet Knights surged back in the final round clinching seven of nine bouts.

Harvard is now 10-4, with an 0-3 record in Ivy play. The swordamen face Cornell Saturday and Yale the following weekend.

Harvard should dump both Yale and Cornell and finish fourth in the Ivy League, Rutgers crushed Yale, 17-10. While Princeton's fencers edged the Crimson, 14-13, they bombed Cornell, 18-9.

The C.C.N.Y. squad which Harvard beat, 17-10, topped Rutgers by the same score. Rutgers has lost to Princeton while compiling a 3-5 record.