Lightweight Crew Sweeps Five Races From Columbia

Harvard's lightweight crews swept all five races by wide margins in their opening regatta against Columbia in New York, Saturday.

The varsity race was the only contest in which the Cantabs appeared even remotely pressed by the Light Blue oarsmen. Sophomore Monk Terry stroked the first boat to a two-length victory in 6:29.3 for the mile and five-sixteenths course. Columbia finished in 6:46.7.

Columbia broke off the starting line at 49 strokes per minute, Harvard at 41, but after the first 25 strokes, the Cantabs held a two seat lead on their oppon-

While Columbia settled to a 44, Harvard lowered their stroke to a 26, where they remained for the body of the race. The Lions couldn't maintain their cadence, eventually sagging to a 40, and at the halfway marker, the Crimson held a half-length lead.

Crimson Opens Water

The 36-beat cadence was two or three strokes higher than what Harvard and planned on for the race, but the psychological effect of Columbia's rowing style kept the Crimson stroke up. With 800 meters to go, the Crimson opened up water between themselves and their opponents. At 500 meters, they had a length and a half lead, and drew ahead another half length before crossing the finish line 7.4 seconds ahead of Columbia.

Harvard's junior varsity won their race by five and a half lengths. Stroked by Fraser Walsh, they covered the course in 6:44.7, 22 Seconds ahead of Columbia.

Sophomore Chris Cutler paced the third varsity boat over a 1000-mater course to a four and a half length lead in 3:20.4. The freshmen, who led off the regatta, covered the Henley distance in 6:14.8, which was the fastest time for the day. Columbia was 24 seconds back. The Cantabs rowed the race at a 30, understroking the Light Blue by 10 or 12 beats the whole way.

The second freshman boat completed the sweep by rowing an exceptionally smooth race over 1,000 meters, to win with a time of 3:30.8.