Pacifist Released From Jail Sets Draft Card Afire

The seven pacifists jailed 20 days ago their part in a demonstration at the Boston Army Base were released from Suffolk County jail Yesterday, and one of them promptly burned his draft on the prison steps.

Gary C. Hicks, a member of the Committee for Non-Violent Action, used a cigarette lighter and then a match to distroy his draft card before a crowd composed mainly of newsmen and Boston police.

About 15 minutes later two men escorted Hicks to a car. When he returned half an hour later he identified them as FBI agents. "They wanted to interview me," he said.

One Harvard student, David A. Reed '68, now on a leave of absence, was in the group.

The five boys and two girls were greeted by some 40 CNVA members who had gathered outside the jail.


The seven released today were arrested and charged with "loitering" and acting in a manner "likely to cause breach of the peace" March 25 during an attempted sit-in at the Boston Army Base. They were sentenced to 20 days in Jail a week later after they were found guilty refused to pay $20 fines.

Eleven demonstrators--four of them Harvard students--were arrested in all Two paid the fine and two -- John L. Friedman '67 and Raphael D. Sorkin'66--appealed the decision. Suffolk County Superior Court will hear their case time this month.

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