Bookstores Find Sex Study Sells Well In Square

If you rush right down to the Coop as soon as it opens today, you may be in time to snatch up one of the last remaining copies of Human Sexual Response, one of the fastest selling medical books since the Kinsey Report.

This $10 hard-cover book which makes a study of the physical responses to sex of about 700 men and women is already hard to find in the Square. Barnes and Nob'e and the Mandrake Book Store are so'd out. The Coop, after selling ten copies in about as many minutes last week, received a new batch of 100 Tuesday, Yesterday fewer than 40 were left.

Everyone is interested

"Everyone is interested in sex" was the reason given by almost all the book-sellers for the book's popularity. Most added that the purchasers will probably be disappointed. since it is just a compilation of clinical data. In fact, it is so unsalacious that it almost certainly will not be banned in Boston.

"Middle-aged people with prurient interests--mostly men" are the most avid buyers, according to the salesman at the Mandrake Book Store.

If you do not reach the Coop in time, you might try the Textbook Annex. where a few copies of Human Sexual Response are hidden away among less interesting medical tomes. All the other bookstores have ordered more copies, but the publisher, Little Brown and Co., is out of stock.