Seventeen Magazine Carries Probe Mysteries of Homo Harvardiana

Girls across the nation quivered yesterday when Seventeen magazine hit the demand with a story that asks "What Harvard freshmen like?"

A verbatim interview with John D. Dan James M. Kilkowski '69, Gregory R. Inman '69, Arthur P. Thompson '69, and James R. Bocell Jr. '69, all of Weld Hall, tries to answer the question. Lacrosse all-American Kilkowski, all-state end Thompson, state doubles champ Inman, all-city football center Bocell, and Weld athletic chairman Danner may not reflect the diversity of interests in the freshman class, but they certainly correct any impression that Harvard is juct a bunch of intellectuals.

The Seventeen interviewer's questions ranged from "Do you date one type of girl or a variety?" to "What do you admire most in a girl?" to "Has your taste in girls changed?" The magazine hardly gave the boys a chance for true self-revelation but allowed them to demonstrate a healthy interest in girls, which they gladly did. For example:

*Kilkowski: "I like affectionate girls. I am not talking about sex, I am talking about affection. And I want to be the boss."

*Bocell: As you mature you tend to look deeper. But I've always liked an active sort of girl--but wholesome. I mean he girl who likes to have a good time yet she's not completely wild. I am not at all thinking of marriage because I'm a pre-med and I've got a long way to go."

vian women would be the model for the

*Danner: "I like a girl who is girlish and polite..."

So what are Harvard men really like? The article leaves it up to you to decide, but a Seventeen publicity circular sighed "The article ... reveals that Harvard men are really no different from the boy next door."