Harvard Lightweights Will Row at Henley

Weber Finishes Coaching Career

Bill Weber, Harvard's lightweight crew coach, will conclude his one-year coaching career after the Henley races.

Weber has coached the Crimson lightweights this year to a 5-0 record, including a come-from-behind surge over Cornell in the Eastern Sprints. Cornell had won that event the previous four years.

Now completing work on a master's degree in civil engineering at M.I.T., Weber has decided to give up coaching for a while and take a job in California.

While an undergraduate at M.I.T., he rowed in the varsity heavyweight boat for three years, at positions three, four, and five. In 1963 he combined with three Syracuse oarsmen to win the national four-with-cox championship; in the 1964 Olympic trials he rowed with the same group and finished second to Harvard's boat.