To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The formation of the Radcliffe Policy Committee by Mrs. Bunting is not a solution to anyone's problems. We who were on the Hunger Strike last spring and by whose "inspiration" Mrs. Bunting was moved to from the HPC would like to disclaim any credit, and further to outline our objections.

The statement that the RPC was "modeled after the Ad Hoc Committee" is open to many criticisms. The Ad Hoc Committee was formed of students, administration, faculty, and alumnae--not simply students and administration--because it was felt that those other groups were just as relevant to the Radcliffe Community. More important, the members were chosen by those involved, including the students. This is the reason that the Ad Hoc Committee is different from those organs of Radcliffe Government which failed to handle the housing problem and brought on the Hunger Strike. Another committee picked by Mrs. Bunting and chaired by Mrs. Bunting is not going to "improve communications between the students and administration."

Secondly, at the meeting with Mrs. Bunting after which the Hunger Strike was ended, it was agreed that the Ad Hoc Committee would have two charges. The first was to outline suggestions for the future housing rules, and the second was to make recommendations concerning student participation, obviously the underlying issue. The Ad Hoc Committee met for the first time Wednesday, October 10, to begin this study which they had had to postpone because of the immediacy of the first issue. Mrs. Bunting's RPC is not "modeled" after this Committee, but rather is meant to usurp the powers of the one committee which the students involved believe represents them and their desire for student democracy.

By proposing the RPC Mrs. Bunting has shown that she does not understand the spirit of last spring's protest, and thus has made it necessary for the Hunger Strike Committee to reassemble in order to deliver our message WE WANT TO PARTICIPATE.

Jay Lockard '68-3, Ellen Snyder '68, Susan Levenstein '68 and the Hunger Strike Committee