Record Number To Row Sunday

A record number of entries--one-hundred-twenty shells and four-hundred-fifty oarsmen will enter the annual Head of the Charles River Regatta, the largest ever held in the United States and Canada, at noon Sunday.

Entered in the Senior Four are Art Evans, Dave Higgins, Fritz Hobbs, and Cleve Livingston of the "Lowell House Rowing Association."

Vesper Club

The Vesper Boat Club of Philadelphia will enter the Senior Eight in competition with the Eliot House Boat Club and the Harvard Business School Boat Club. Stroked by Hugh Foley of the 1964 Olympics gold medal winning crew, the Vespers are aiming for the 1968 Olympics.

The Quincy House Boat Club will race 15 other Junior Eights, including M.I.T., Holy Cross, and Syracuse University.

Alwin M. Pappenheimer Jr. '29, Master of Dunster House, and Arthur Smithies, Master of Kirkland House, plan to row in the Veteran Singles.