B-School Planning $1 Million Building For 'Publications'

The Business School announced plans yesterday for a new, million-dollar "Publications Building," tentatively scheduled for completion in June, 1969.

If approved by the Corporation, the new building would house seven tenants, most of them journals and magazines associated with the Business School.

Winfred G. Knopf, assistant dean of the Business School, said that the principal tenant would be the Harvard Business Review. The Review's editorial offices are currently in Gallatin House at the Business School.

Knopf said the new building would also house the Business School"s Alumni Bulletin, the publication offices of the Business School's Division of Research, and the Business History Review. In addition, Knopf said, two "support activities," the Soldier's Field U.S. Post Office branch and the Business School mailing room would be in the new building.

Finally, the Business School would turn over approximately 5000 square feet of the new building to the Harvard Cooperative Society in a lease arangement for use as the new Business School Coop. The existing Coop there is in the basement of Gallatin Hall.

Knopf said the building architects, Kubitz and Pepi, of Wellesley, have also been instructed to present alternate plans for the building which could include or exclude two 40-man classrooms. If included, the two classrooms could be an integral part of the building or an annex to it, Knopf said.

He said the Business School hoped for Corporation approval of the plans by its May, 1966 meeting. The Corporation has already approved the initial idea for the building and the architects.

The new building would be located directly behind, but not adjacent to, the Business School's Baker Library. The architects are currently speaking in terms of a four-story structure of 25,000 square feet, Knopf said.

Knopf, who is director of Planning and Administration for the school, said the building would take up at least part of the faculty parking area behind Baker Library.

He said additional spaces would have to be assigned elsewhere to the faculty, but that there would still be adequate parking space for both students and faculty in the lots behind the Business School, despite the new building.

Knopf said that moving the Harvard Business Review from Gallatin House would leave that smaller building free for faculty offices. He said that two newer buildings built there in the past year, Humphrey and Dillon Houses, were similar to Gallatin House and were meant exclusively for faculty offices.

The assistant dean noted that the Business Review is the largest user of the Soldier's Field Post Office branch and would now share the new building with it.

He said that the leasing arangement worked out with the Coop has the Society paying its proportioned share of the building cost.